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Bryan Chang | @brychng

Bryan Chang


Introducing Bryan Chang - #TeamEverlast Canada member and winner of the Everlast Wild Card competition.

@brychng is a certified personal trainer, nutrition and boxing coach in the GTA for 7 years while managing a wide variety of online clientele globally.

His unique style of training in combination with his passion for boxing and strength training presents a new take on fitness. He developed and educated himself to provide others with the interdisciplinary service they deserve, to improve not only his client’s performance, but their overall quality of life and mental health.

Bryan started his career in 2014 implementing this style of coaching which grew his social media presence rapidly. He is constantly striving towards being a role model and inspiration to his clients all while bringing the community TOGETHER. Bryan is dedicated to staying true to his own methods, always challenging his own mind & body to reach new heights.

Bryan has plans to embark on a journey to his first competitive fight in the near future; to challenge himself both mentally and physically.

⁠Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Bryan

Brian Chang
Brian Chang