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Charan Singh | @trainwithcharan

Charan Singh


Introducing Charan Singh - Member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

Charan @trainwithcharan is a Toronto-based Elite Trainer, owner of Project Rise, author and most importantly a father. Charan strives to help others be their best 1 rep at a time. In his off time, Charan trains as a calisthenic athlete as well as a boxing athlete and coach.

Charan found himself through his fitness journey which pushed him to be his best both physically and mentally. He wishes to impart this experience on every athlete he trains.🥊 ⁠

"The plan is to give back and use fitness as a means to assist people finding who they are and become their best for their loved ones and love a life of meaning"⁠

Charan has always been passionate about boxing and in his teenage years had 11 amateur boxing bouts and 3 MMA fights in England.