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Mandy Bujold | @MandyBujold

Mandy Bujold


Introducing our first member of #TeamEverlast Canada. @MandyBujold is an Olympic boxer from Kitchener, Ontario.

Mandy won a Gold medal at the first Pan American Games and a Bronze medal at the first Commonwealth Games that included women’s boxing. During the 2015 Pan American Games, Mandy successfully defended her title and became the only female boxer in history to win 2 Pan American Games titles. Mandy is now an Eleven-Time Canadian Champion, the longest reigning Canadian champion in history - and recently competed in the 2021 Olympic Games.


"Before, boxing was something that I did. Now, boxing is who I am." -Mandy Bujold

Welcome @MandyBujold to #TeamEverlast Canada.

First leads the pack.