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Sarabe Mirage Abdul-Hadi | @Mirage.Boxing

Mirage Abdul-Hadi


Introducing Sarabe "Mirage" Abdu-Hadi - member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

@mirage.boxing is an amateur boxer with over 30 fights under her belt and determined to become a boxing champion.

From a young age, Mirage was always fascinated with the sport and officially began training at the age of 23. After experiencing a loss with her first amateur fight, it ignited a fire within to get back in the ring and train even harder. Her never-give-up mentality and unwavering dedication allows her to push the limits, which will inevitably help her reach her goal.

Even through the pandemic, Mirage has stopped at nothing to continue her training: "We don't stop. We adapt." - a true inspiration to us all.

First Breaks Ground.

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Mirage. 🥊