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Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand
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Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand

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    For all your bag-related workouts, you'll want a sturdy support that can handle the weight and constant movement of your equipment. Everlast's Heavy Bag/Speed Bag Stand will have your back as you get shredded in the gym.

    This reliable stand features heavy duty powder-coated steel tubing combined with 3 weight plate pegs allows for maximum strength and durability. The speed bag platform height is adjustable to accommodate various users.

    From its easy assembly to its ability to accommodate any heavy bag up to 100 pounds, this new addition to your gym will allow you to tackle the conditioning of heavy bag work as well as the hand eye coordination of speed bag work.

    Take your heavy bag training and speed bag training to the next level and use it towards boxing and MMA training or general fitness. It's more than just breaking a sweat, it's revolutionizing the way you work out and train.

    Our heavy bags are made with a locking zipper to keep the bag from opening. During the manufacturing process, we want the stuffing to be appropriately enclosed within the bag. Without this in mind, the filling will come out, and the user will not be able to repack it. By breaking off the zipper, our heavy bags stay permanently locked and free from unzipping, keeping the overall bag intact and responsive when used for physical activity.

    Footprint: 66.5" L x 47.6" W x 86.2" H

    Not recommended for outside use.

    *NOTE: Everlast Heavy Bag Stands will not accommodate the full height of theEverlast Leather Thai Heavy Bag (P00000183) orEverlast Synthetic Thai Heavy Bag (P00000176).



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    Bon dépanneur

    Excellent dépanneur lorsqu'on manque d'espace, quoique le plafond doive être au moins à 8 pieds. Même de faibles coups font déplacer la base, donc des disques de poids (non inclus) sont nécessaires pour la stabiliser, à moins de l'accoter sur le bord d'un mur pour l'empêcher de reculer (mais la base bougera de côté). Le ballon-rapide doit être utilisé en ligne droite, sinon la planche oscille trop. La plate-forme peut s'installer dehors, mais la planche du ballon-rapide étant faite de composite, elle absorbera l'eau et ne tiendra plus après une seule averse. Le reste ne rouille pas si vite. On sent aussi que tout est bien robuste, à l'exception de la planche.

    Jesus Ruiz

    Great compact stand.

    Gerard Wendling

    It's fn awesome!

    Tahmina Rahman

    I was able to assemble the stand by myself. The directions were easy to follow, most easy thing I have assembled honestly. The stand works great, Ive already done a few workouts and have no complaints!

    Great bag

    Absolutely love this bag, it looks awesome and feels awesome, but I wish I had known I should get a base weight with the cord to stabilize it. Even if not included, it should have been written somewhere to make it known. This was my first bag, so I didnt know I might need that for all the swinging. The swivel is great, and sturdy, and the overall design is fantastic. Set up took an hour or two, but was not too hard at all. I did it myself and it worked out!