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Everlast Everlast Fit - Stepper Black
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Fit - Stepper

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    There are many ways to get the heart racing and aerobics is one of them. Step to your own beat using Everlast’s Stepper. This stepper is a great tool to help you tighten your abdominals and core muscles and tone your arms and shoulders, legs, and abs. Its high-quality construction and non-skid surface makes for a long-lasting addition to your gym collection. This stepper provides an ample surface, 26.50" x 11" (67.31cm x 27.94cm) to accommodate your step routines. Alternate between the first height level, 3.75" (9.5cm) and the second height level, 5.6" (14cm), for customizable intensity. The modular feet are easily adjustable for all your step exercises.

    • Adds intensity to aerobic exercise
    • Strengthens all muscle groups
    • Modular feet easily adjust height of the stepper
    • 2 different height levels
    • Made of high quality materials with a non-skid surface
    • Surface dimensions: 26.50" W x 11" D (67.31cm x 27.94cm) 1st height level: 3.75" (9.5cm) 2nd height level: 5.6" (14cm)
    • One Size