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Everlast Power Tower by Everlast Canada
Everlast Power Tower by Everlast Canada
Everlast Power Tower by Everlast Canada
Everlast Power Tower
  • SKU: ER7695YE

Everlast Power Tower

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    Looking for an inexpensive intro to Everlast punching bags? The Everlast Power Tower is a water-weighted punching bag that provides sufficient mobility during low impact cardio.

    The Power Tower is an inflatable, multifunctional punching bag combines fitness and fun for the beginner athlete or the active lifestyle enthusiast. This new addition to your workout equipment collection provides you with excellent technique of mixing up your routines and adding variety during low-impact cardio, or aerobics. Adults can work towards their health and fitness goals, while kids are kept physically active on a rainy day, or when they need a break from screen time. The Power Tower includes foot pump for inflation, and repair kit/deflator to fix any external damage from hits and general rough-housing. This space-efficient bag stands at approximately 5’2” (1.55 m) tall and folds flat for compact storage.

    Set up your own Power Tower in your home gym, commercial gym, basement, carpeted/padded kid’s play area, bedroom, apartment or garage.


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