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Everlast Muay Thai Pad by Everlast Canada
Everlast Muay Thai Pad by Everlast Canada
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Muay Thai Pad

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    You live and breathe competitive sparring, and in Muay Thai, the strikes you unleash are bound to be legendary. Train like your life depends on in with Everlast's Muay Thai Pad.

    Your Thai pad is constructed using premium synthetic leather; a superior choice to increases durability and functionality. Its authentic Thai design features dense foam padding for safety while blocking kicks, punches, elbows and knees.

    Your equipment should be able to withstand the mightiest of strikes. The back of the pad includes secured loops for your coach of training partner to slip their arm through. They'll feel the intensity of your kicks without causing injury to themselves.

    For all your future Muay Thai training sessions, or if you're looking to brush up on your kicking techniques, this pad will become your secret weapon to develop proper technique and lightning-fast strikes that your opponent won't see coming.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    claire zerbe
    Wish they sold as pair and exactly as advertised

    I wish they sold them as a pair instead of buying just one at a time. Otherwise they are exactly what they look like and comfortable fit for holding

    Richard Lujan
    Great products. Brand new, so

    Great products. Brand new, so we will see with durability. Overall, i am satisfied with my purchases. Everlast is a well known company.

    love it

    great pads ,tons of cushion, its a pair of pads ,great quality on material,fast shipping and no problems at all. absolutely love it

    Rocco C
    Everlast Muai Thai Striking Pads

    So far, so good. Getting used much and holding up well.

    Nicolas Casanova

    Great quality Thai pads. Way better than the $30 UFC pads. Tons of cushion. Legitimate Thai pads. Just a heads up they come two per order. Great buy.