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Bree Howling


Introducing Bree Howling - member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

@Bree.Howling is a 3X Winning Champ Pro Boxer and the FIRST female in Canada to fight in 3-minute rounds.

Started as a Muay Thai fighter, Bree's biggest accomplishment was becoming the first Canadian female to fight a 3-minute round and will continue to share her belief that regardless of gender, boxers should be treated equal.

Two weeks into Bree's training for her pro debut, her dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer. Determined to make a difference, Bree aligned with The Alberta Cancer Foundation to fundraise through her fight campaigns, as well as support Calgary Mental Health Association to help make a difference - both of which are very important to her.

To foster her passion for boxing amongst the community, Bree and her partner opened a private gym in Calgary, Alberta called Fight 2B where she is a boxing and strength conditioning coach.

Bree is now 3-0 and currently gearing up for her 3rd fight this coming April in Quebec City.

First Knows No Limits.

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Bree. 🥊