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Caleigh Rykiss | @CaleighFit

by ACI Brands on March 25, 2021
Caleigh Rykiss

Caleigh Rykiss – female entrepreneur, competitive boxer, certified PT, and mom to two gorgeous pups.

She fell in love with boxing after attending a class in her twenties: "It was love at first punch", and looks to boxing as her medicine & therapy.

Caleigh founded BOLO Inc, short for Body Love, an award winning fitness brand based out of Toronto. BOLO was founded on the principle of helping members fall in love with movement of all kinds, learn new skills, push their limits and feel like badasses. Caleigh is passionate about delivering a good technical boxing lesson without sacrificing the sweat. Recently, Caleigh launched BOLO On Demand for those who want to deliver those badass vibes right to their living room.

Greatness is revealed in the way you adapt to changes – this Champ is a true depiction of just that.

Caleigh – welcome to #TeamEverlast.

First never quits.