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Caleigh Rykiss | @CaleighFit

Caleigh Rykiss


Introducing Caleigh Rykiss – female entrepreneur, competitive boxer, and certified PT.

After 10 years as a competitive amateur boxer, 6 years as a coach and the last 4 years as a boxing gym owner and leader in the boxing community - Caleigh has devoted the majority of her life to preserving and championing the sport of boxing.

Caleigh is passionate about welcoming newcomers to the sport by helping and encouraging them to discover the beauty of boxing. Caleigh is a cornerstone in the Toronto boxing community and is always finding creative ways to connect with other boxers to enhance the community.

Caleigh is a #TeamEverlast alumni and she’s back and ready for round 2.

Follow along on Caleigh’s fitness, entrepreneurial and boxing journey @caleighfit.

Greatness is revealed in the way you adapt to changes – this Champ is a true depiction of just that.

Caleigh – welcome to #TeamEverlast.

First never quits.