David Kim-MacKinnon | @Da_Kimchi

David Kim-MacKinnon


Introducing David Kim-MacKinnon - member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

David, @Da_Kimchi is a Toronto-based trainer and coach at @SweatandTonic who regularly hosts online Zoom workouts.

Growing up, David was a skinny kid who felt like he didn’t belong anywhere. He was bullied through most of his youth and because of it - he always strived to be stronger, both physically and mentally.

For David, boxing was the answer. It was his way out and inspired the start of his fitness journey while teaching him everything from self-discipline and hard work to humbleness. David entered the ring as an amateur boxer at the age of 17, and since has become addicted to the sport with hopes to one day go pro.

David now has an underground boxing studio in Toronto where he hosts his boxing program, “Fight Back”. This program features all Everlast equipment and teaches clients how to box alongside an in-house DJ who plays live music to set an epic vibe.

"Growing up, Everlast was always the biggest name in boxing. I saw their gloves in every gym, and all the professional fighters I knew wore it. Who knew that years later I would be a part of the team. Dreams do come true. This is just the beginning. Gametime."

First Breaks Ground.

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, David. 🥊