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Jana Finkbiner | @Janarhn

Jana Finkbiner

Introducing Jana Finkbiner - member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

Jana is the Owner of @SecondsOutBoxingFitness + @EmpireBoxingPromotions, and a Coach at @HouseConcepts.

Playing sports at a very young age, Jana always considered herself a tomboy. Her dad would take her along while fundraising for his local boxing gym, which is where she got an early start helping him officiate bouts…. and got her first real taste of the sport. A passion was born.

Boxing always resonated with Jana because it was HARD, and she never opted to take the easy road. She started training in her early 20s and was eager to get into the ring because felt like home. Jana broke out in her competitive boxing career in 2018 and in just a year had the opportunity to train alongside pros and celebrity trainers, like Freddy Roach, Andre Burto, Tyrone Woodley, Hollywood Hino, and more – as well as corner her own fighter to a victory.

Jana focuses on the technical side of the sport as she strives to be the best she can be in everything she does. Leading with her mantra that that life is a choice - she chooses to lift others up as a coach, chooses teammates by their virtues, and sticks with them through their pain. Jana pushes others beyond what their mind tells them their body can do, and always pushes herself even harder to lead by example, which earned her being rated a top trainer in Vancouver 2 years in a row.

“Dictate your life, your pace, your journey. If someone stands in your way...you’re meant to go around them. Everlast boxing is iconic and represents every aspect of the fight.”

First Breaks Ground.

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Jana. 🥊