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Jay Jean Paul | @Southwest.Bully

Jay Jean-Pau


Introducing Jay Jean-Paul - alumni member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

@Southwest.Bully is a father first, Massage Therapy student, Personal Trainer, Founder of @bullybynature.inc, and a fearless leader. Jay has focused on translating his passion for fitness over the last year into building his business to offer class instruction and personal training.

Faced with adversity at a young age, Jay was motivated by always being the underdog and determined to prove people differently. Never shying away from a challenge and persevering to reach his goals - his hustle helped manifest the leader he is today. As an emerging boxer, we look forward to watching his continued journey to becoming the champ he was born to be, in and out of the ring.

Jay is motivated to compete in an amateur boxing match after signing with Everlast Canada last year.

Jay is the true testament of what it takes to be a life athlete.


First Never Quits.

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Jay. 🥊