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Liam Fisher | @fitlikefisher

Liam Fisher

With the deepest sympathies, we remember Liam Fisher, valued member of Team Everlast Canada. Our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.
To learn more about Liam and how you can support his memory, please visit his obituary here.

Introducing Liam Fisher - newest member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

Liam @fitlikefisher is a Vancouver-based, top tier strength coach, founder and owner of @mvmt.app & @mvmtacademy. Liam trains everyone from the pros to the Joe's including some of the top ranked amateur boxers in the country.

⁠Liam has a BSc (Hons) Double Major in Exercise Physiology & Medical Physiology💪💥 When he's not in the gym training other athletes, you can find him doing some epic weight training drills or exploring the outdoors. ⁠

As a Canadian champion rower, he knows what it takes to compete at the highest level which inspires him to help others find their inner strength and reach their max potential. In addition to training his clients physical strength, he also helps others build a level of mental toughness and grit that can get them through whatever series of punches life throws their way.

"If you have it in you to dream, you have it in you to succeed" ⁠

⁠Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Liam. 🥊