Sylvie Dulger | @sylvie.d_lifestyle

Sylvie Dulger

Introducing Sylvie Dulger - #TeamEverlast Canadas newest member.

@Sylvie.d_lifestyle is a female entrepreneur, fitness & nutrition coach, plant-based athlete and competitive boxer

After moving from Paris to Toronto in 2012, Sylvie found her passion for fitness and wellness. As a strong believer that health is wealth, Sylvie created and developed fitness and nutrition programs to help others adopt a healthy lifestyle and feel better from the inside out.

Sylvie has been coaching and instructing classes for 9 years in North America. In 2019, Sylvie launched ‘Burn D Booty’, a fitness event reuniting fitness enthusiasts and brands alike to workout and connect together. Sylvie has built a passionate community and certainly carved out her space in Toronto’s fitness industry.

In 2017, Sylvie experienced several illnesses. She had always loved combat sports and to help keep her motivated and resilient, Sylvie got into boxing. Although Sylvie was training hard physically, she knew she needed more. She needed to build a warrior mindset.

Since, Sylvie has become not only a competitive boxer but a life athlete. She put her heart into her training. Boxing has become essential to her life, teaching her how to face her fears and how to use fitness to bounce back from a dark place.

“Boxing made me become stronger mentally, I overcame my illnesses and found peace within myself. Today, I am happy to be able to share my story and help others feeling fearless and find peace through boxing”

Welcome to #TeamEverlast Sylvie.