Triston Brookes | @Triston.Brookes

Introducing Triston Brookes - the newest member of #TeamEverlast Canada.

Raised in Mississauga, @Triston.Brookes first began boxing at the age of 18 as an outlet for his anger and channelled that energy to create a positive experience and discipline that would fuel him in all aspects of life. Later that same year, he had his first fight under the guidance of his Coach Tony Wallace.

Boxing taught Triston many things about himself and has even humbled him a time or two. He continues to dedicate himself to the sport, finishing his amateur career with 75 fights under his belt... and with a lot of hard work is now a 2x Canadian Champion and winner of many boxing titles around the world.

Triston has turned pro this year and is awaiting the announcement of his first fight.👏


Welcome to #TeamEverlast Canada, Triston. 🥊