1910 Double End Bag - Everlast Canada 1910 Double End Bag Black/White / SMALL
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1910 Double End Bag

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    Have you been working out using heavy bags and speed bags and are looking to mix things up? Everlast's Double-End Bag will put a lasting mark on how you confront your challenges during training. This double-end bag is made with full-grain leather along with superior construction to increase durability and long-lasting functionality. It's reinforced strap and D-ring mounts make attaching your double-end bag easy. This is an excellent piece of equipment to use during training as its ball shape and movement and bobbing mimics that of an opponent. Start your workout out with slow jabs as the momentum of the bag builds, you can start incorporating your own combinations and techniques. The latex air bladder boasts effective performance and rebound rates.

    • Full grain leather ensures long-lasting durability
    • Ball shape for maximum target control and performance
    • Reinforced strap and D-ring mounts
    • Handmade provides high level of craftsmanship
    • Latex air bladder for effective performance and rebound rates
    • Side-mounted air valve for ease of inflation

    Not recommended for outside use.


    Customer Reviews

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    Gavin Morphet
    1910 Double end bag

    Very well built product. Look forward to years of use.

    S. Philips
    Great product

    I purchased the 5 inch double end 1910 bag. I was very impressed with the quality of this bag. It does not deflate, the bungee cords and the leather on it are very high quality. Would definitely recommend it.

    Sal I. Paz
    I already own the 7"

    I already own the 7" Yellow Leather Double-end Bag so I decided to purchase the 5" 1910 Double-end bag and immediately after trying it out, I fell in love with it. The size makes it a whole lot faster and the leather quality is unbelievable. I know it's slightly expensive but I promise, you won't regret it. Just a quick advise, after practicing for several days you'll improve on your speed and accuracy, so make sure to get a medium to a small size and have fun.


    The best one on the market, comes complete with bungee cords!

    John Dancer
    If You Can Only Have One Punching Bag...

    I am new to the double end bag, but so far it has been a lot of fun practicing timing, aim, and different punches. My 10 year old loves it because he can hit the bag as hard and as many times as he can, and not my stomach. I really appreciate the quality of materials and construction of this EVERLAST double end bag. The only thing Id change is that because of the way I hanged the bag, I would prefer two long bungees (instead of the one long and one short that were included), so that I can more precisely adjust the height when it is used by me or by my son. I took the advice of a YouTuber...If you can only have one punching bag, the double end bag is the most useful and versatile for learning to land punches, weave and parry.