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Everstrike Heavy Bag - 70 LBS - Everlast Canada Everstrike Heavy Bag - 70 LBS Black/Green / 70 LBS
Everstrike Heavy Bag - 70 LBS - Everlast Canada Everstrike Heavy Bag - 70 LBS
  • SKU: P00000517

Everstrike Heavy Bag - 70 LBS


    Building your punching power starts with equipment that conforms to your strength and skilful techniques. Maintain your physique and fuel your ambitious spirit with Everlast’s EverStrike Heavy Bag.

    Using a specially blended filler mix of sanitized synthetic and natural fibres, your bag will provide you with resilient shock absorbency. The premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing along with enhanced construction increases durability and functionality. Its heavy-duty straps provide security and safety; double-end loop provides increased functionality. With EverStrike and NevaTear innovation, you’re getting the most durable addition to your equipment collection. Your bag can take on the heaviest of hitters with its heavy-duty, long-lasting materials. 

    Take your heavy bag training to the next level and use it towards boxing and MMA training or general fitness. Make every hit memorable, from your training session to in the ring.

    Our heavy bags are made with a locking zipper to keep the bag from opening. During the manufacturing process, we want the stuffing to be appropriately enclosed within the bag. By breaking off the zipper, our heavy bags stay permanently locked and free from unzipping, keeping the overall bag intact and responsive when used for physical activity.

    Dimensions: 13.5" x 13.5" x 53"

    Not recommended for outside use.