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Everlast Mantis Mitts by Everlast Canada
Everlast Mantis Mitts by Everlast Canada
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Mantis Mitts

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    It's good to get into a rhythm while practising all your techniques. Catch and block punches during rapid-fire training sessions with Everlast's Mantis Punch Mitts.

    The signature mantis shape and new padded wrist support combine to flawlessly catch punch, as well as provide superior hand safety and comfort. Its new mesh back ensures breathability and comfort while a moisture absorbing and anti-microbial lining retains freshness, extending the life of your equipment. Plan to bring your A-game; your mitts will be able to withstand your day-to-day training sessions.

    Everlast punch mitts are ideal to use towards boxing, MMA, sparring, martial arts and other contact sports. Build your offence and defence skills with your coach or training partner; refine and challenge yourself.


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