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Everlast 6MM TPE Premium Yoga Mat by Everlast Canada
Everlast 6MM TPE Premium Yoga Mat
Everlast 6MM TPE Premium Yoga Mat
Everlast 6MM TPE Premium Yoga Mat
  • SKU: EV4192BL

6MM TPE Premium Yoga Mat

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    The yogic lifestyle comes with a ton of benefits, including pain relief, a decrease in depression and gives a boost to your muscle mass. Fiercely execute the warrior poses, right down to the King Dancer on Everlast's Premium Yoga Mat. This non-slip, reversible mat provides traction and comfort towards all your yoga and on-the-floor exercises. It's the eco-friendliest choice; free of latex, phthalates, dioxins, furans, phenol and heavy metals.

    It boasts an ample non-slip surface of 24" x 68" (61 cm x 172 cm) that cushions your palms and feet during your sessions. The slip-resistant foam of the mat will prevent any sliding during hot yoga. Sweat residue and dirt can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. From home to the studio, this easy-to-roll and carry mat will keep you physically and mentally grounded as you find your Zen, and get in tune with your mind, body and soul. 6mm in thickness.